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Welcome to the Head High website, but before you read on about Head High we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to read the important information that follows. The purpose of this section is to describe the conditions (the “Terms”) that apply to your access to and use of our Site. The following points may help you to understand the legal environment in which we operate:



To use this Site you must be of legal drinking age in your state or country – if you are not, please exit this Site immediately. We look forward to informing you about Head High wines at an appropriate time in the future. If you are of legal age, our products should be enjoyed and consumed only in moderation. Please visit for more information.



In some places in the world it is not permissible for citizens to visit a Site like ours due to local laws restricting the sale and/or promotion of alcoholic beverages. You are responsible for compliance with the laws of your home territory or country. If you are visiting this Site from a place where restrictions apply, then you should exit this Site now. If you are unsure about the law then we suggest that you exit now and check your legal position before continuing.



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